the indescribable permeance of the imagination

i used to be a photographer, amateur, but still a photographer nonetheless.  for years, i held this grudge against the photography i would see out at street fairs or hanging up on the walls of independent galleries.  i used to think, “that’s not really that unique.  i mean, i could do that.” but lately, something has changed.  lately, i’ve come across some friggen fantastic photography that leaves me in awe.  i’m now amazed at what can be achieved by the naked eye, a camera and maybe sometimes a little digital-age manipulation.

here is one such photographer, Lissy Elle, that’s left me reaching far into my imagination- digging deeper and deeper into what i believe used to be there years ago.  and still might be there if i just dig deep enough.  either way, i feel blessed to have come across her work.

click here for her website!!

thank you so, so much for visiting! i hope you’ll come by again soon…  :]


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