The Doppleganger Artist

You’ve heard of this thing called dopplegangers, right?  I remember watching this movie as a kid at my grandmother’s house, where a woman saw her doppleganger (that other person in the world that looks exactly like you) and apparently, if the doppleganger had seen her too, their worlds would have imploded.  What a crazy thought.  Years later, I found this movie and purchased it on VHS.  It turns out that the movie was actually kind of strange, twisted and filled with bad acting.  Bummer.  Anyways, there’s also those name dopplegangers out there.  You know, that person who has the same first and last name as you?  Always a strange occurance to come across.

I knew a Pat Perry once and when I came across an artist with that name, it had me thinking, “Whoah! Pat Perry!  Can it be?”   It wasn’t (different spelling!), but that’s ok because the artwork belonging to this new Pat Perry had struck a chord within me.  This new Pat Perry’s artwork was fluid, graphic and colorful in a strangely muted way.  This new Pat Perry’s artwork had a feeling of alarm, of searching, of the fact that there is something out there that is better than what is being experienced now (all we have to do is find it).  Below is a sample of this new Pat Perry’s artwork.

and here is the new Pat Perry’s website.

bee :]

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