You’ve got guts. So go with ’em.

I’ve come to learn to go with my guts. My first thought.  My first inkling of what to do.  I always end up happier, more content and secure. Whether it’s as simple as what I choose to wear that day, where I want to go out to eat, what I want to spend the day doing… or any number of things. Well today, my guts are telling me to go with Ian Francis. What do I say about Ian Francis?  When I see his artwork, I become somewhat breathless, like that feeling you get when you’re so close to the edge and you’re deciding if you should actually jump or not.  

His work is rich and beautiful, it’s like each one has its own imaginary forcefield inside of it that slowly creeps out into the space around it.  To me, the disappearing scenery within Ian Francis’ work gives his pieces a calming, ephemeral feel. They draw me in and then suddenly push me back when I get that closer, more intense look at them.  It reminds me of a Snow White kind of story… Snow White is so entranced by the apple that she must have it- just to be stricken with the realization of what is actually happening once she’s eaten it. 

I find Ian Francis’ paintings to be quite the entrancing apple. ;]

Click here for more from Ian Francis’ Website.  Good stuff.

:] Bee

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