Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lee Price makes me so happy.  It’s that feeling of being uplifted at the sight of something.  I get that with her artwork.  It’s gorgeous.  I’ve been so enamored with photorealistic painting and coming across Lee Price’s work just makes it all the more intriguing to me.  Her work focuses on the female figure indulging in life’s simple (yet, slightly sinful?) pleasures. 

It makes me wonder (as I sit here with a box of half eaten birthday cake pops and a nearly empty container of Ferrero Rochers in front of me), what is really going on in the lives of these women?  Are they so empty that they don’t see the need to care about what this cherry pie will do to their thighs… what consequences might come from such an act of indulgence?  Are they craving so much for comfort, they find that the only way they’ll get it is to wrap themselves in  bath water and sugary sweetness? Are they so depressed that they can’t seem to do anything except soak and eat and soak and eat, until both the bath and the dessert are a cold memory of what it once was- of what life once was and maybe could have been? Or are they just so determined in their independence- in their will for life to be whatever it is they want it to be- that they choose to indulge in life’s simple pleasures, because that’s really all they are… just simple pleasures? Just a simple act of saying “I’m content and I’m ok.”  There are so many ways this could go, but here’s to hoping that it’s the last one. 

Oh. and here’s to me watching the movie “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” as of NOW! 

Check out more of Lee Price’s work.  Cheers.

-Bee ;]

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