through all of the imperfections

i’m so in love with charmaine olivia’s artwork.  it has such a feeling of lightness to it. it’s sublimely refreshing in that “everything-will-be-okay” sense.  i feel like there’s a bit of mystery involved in her work too. it makes me wonder: what’s the story with these gals?  i want to know what they’re all about.  it seems like all of these ladies are very much comfortable with themselves… comfortable in their own skin. it doesn’t matter if they have their imperfections or if life has its imperfections, they’re doing alright.  that’s so inspiring to me, knowing that through all of the imperfections, we can still live life and still be fine and still feel “light.”


Check out her website for more and her blog too!

Thank you so, so much for stopping by!  It’s been really fantastic to have you. Come back for more soon. ;]


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