paperish mess pop-up art shop!

Please join me and Sean for our newest venture –the Paperish Mess Pop Up Art Shop– on Sept 29th & 30th (11-8pm each day!) during Chicago’s Design Harvest Festival.

The event will feature a culinary themed pop-up shop showcasing the work of local and independent artists creating original artwork and handmade goods!

The pop-up shop will take place in Martyn George (1855 W. Grand Ave at Wolcott)– Chicago’s newest vintage shop featuring culinary-related goods!! There will be wine and lots of other goodies (vintage & handmade!) to feast your eyes upon!

A R T I S A N S include:

Digit Design Ceramicware
Garden BonBons
Chance Bone Book Clocks
Chel Domestic Goods
Cassie Tompkins/ Regional Food Zine
Rebecca Plotnick Photography
Bunny Pumpkin
Belle Botanica
Professor Octocle
Zoeybean Designs

and lots more!

If you are interested, please feel free to email us or check out our website for more information about Paperish Mess and what we aim to do within this fine Windy City! Check out more details below. We are still accepting culinary-themed artwork submissions via email as well!

Date/Time: Sept 29th & 30th (11-8pm each day)-  During West Town’s Design Harvest Festival


Martyn George
1855 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Public Transportation Accessible via #50 Damen, #65 Grand, and #9 Ashland busses. Closest Subway Lines include Chicago (Blue), Grand (Blue), Ashland-Lake (Green/Pink)

Email us:


sometimes you just have to breathe. other times you have to keep a big pillow on hand to scream into.

ugh. you know those mornings where you wake up expecting to see a specific time on the alarm clock and it’s 45 minutes after that expected time…  and then you get ready and finally the leave house, only to realize that you left something at home so you have to go back and get it.  and then you leave again.  and then things fall out of your bag while you are riding your bike- on two different occassions.  and then you get to work and you just want to fall back asleep.  because leaving this reality would be so much better than anything else that might be in store for you that day.

my roommate, aaron has been practicing meditation a lot lately and he did a mini instruction on breathing yesterday with me.  i think it’s perfect timing because that’s exactly what i need… especially since i don’t have a pillow on hand.

Check out this work by Clare Elsaesser…. i have a feeling she understands.

*Update!* (ahem, to be said like in Unsolved Mysteries)

Since now owning a new art gallery shop, Paperish Mess, in Chicago– we’ve had the greatest opportunity to feature Clare’s artwork here at the space. Come on by and see her items in person and don’t forget to find us on facebook for new finds and observations every day.  Thanks so much.  🙂  Hope to see you ’round again soon.


Adventures in Surreality

I’ve been getting the itch to travel recently.  This feeling comes and goes every few years.  It happened when I was in college- senior year- the Internship Abroad program in Ireland I applied to got canceled all together, so I graduated instead.  I was supposed to travel around the US for a good 9 months in 2010, but then I got to Chicago and fell in love with the city.  I didn’t lead a bike tour around the east coast for 2 weeks because of random issues, and the ideas of WWOOFing/volunteering abroad or anything of that sort always seem to fade as the possibilities of saving money dwindle away.

There’s ways to make it happen- I know this.  There’s ways to travel and get away, ways to take a breather and just experience something…. different, for a little bit.  Iceland has always been at the top of my list…  now Brazil and Portugal are catching up fast too. Belgium has always intrigued me.  And definitely Holland.

So, I’ve got this list.  I guess now I’ve just got to start crossing things off.

I came across Erik Johansson’s work a little while ago, but at the time had no idea who the artist was or where to find more of it.  By happenstance, I clicked on his website and was so excited to find his artwork again.

I think most of us realize the difference between animation and reality pretty early on in life.  This artist seamlessly melds the two together. His work reminds me of a [sur]realistic portrayal of children’s book stories and what those stories translated to in our heads growing up.  It leaves you contemplating if this (giant fishhead island) could actually exist somewhere.  Imagine the possibilities…. the beauty that it would bring to the world we live in.  As complex and unusual as this sight would be, I have a feeling that it would actually make the world (or maybe just life in general) much more simplistic.  and of course sureally enjoyable.

But really though, who’s to say that this giant fishhead island doesn’t exist somewhere?  …maybe it’s just yet to be found. ;]

I guess exploring calls.  Check out more of Erik Johansson’s work below:

Don’t forget to check out the artist’s blog too! Thanks for visiting!!  🙂



if there was a club for both luck and joy, i’d join.

I haven’t had the best of luck in life.  I haven’t had the worst either.  In fact, most days (especially lately) I feel blessed.  Literally blessed.  So, why then right now (and right yesterday), do I feel so crappy? Why is there so much junk muddled up in my head and why don’t I want to do anything to help myself get out of this pit?  I have to keep reminding myself that God will take me out of this pit and make my steps secure.  But it’s so easy to just wallow.  and want to wallow.  wallow until you don’t feel like wallowing anymore.

Sometimes there’s just no artwork for how you feel.  sometimes it’s just blank. white.  unknown.

throws arms up in the air and says “meh!”  … for right now at least. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel lucky.   Check out Craig Barker’s artwork here.  He’s got a beautiful style filled with color and imagery that makes you mentally jump into the painting- or at least relate to it in a seratonin-based way.  🙂

He’s got a blog too.

-Bee 🙂

Faith is a lifelong battle [fortunately, it’s a battle that can be won]

Sometimes it takes running away. and sometimes it takes almost running away, before realizing what it is that you have.  that you can’t imagine giving up. that you can’t imagine why you would have wanted to give it away in the first place.  Sometimes, it takes you by surprise, but now there is one thing for sure:  that I have not given up, that I will not give up.  Life is a constant battle between what’s right and what’s wrong, between good and evil.  So often people lose that battle, but I’m not going to.  I have my faith and I have my strength and I have my love.  My heart has opened.  My heart is changing over and is being renewed.  I can feel it.  I can understand it now better than ever before.  My certainties are present and my uncertainties are no longer valid.  They no longer grip me and take hold of me, choking me and slowly killing me inside (and out).  My certainties cradle me and hold me and wrap me up in a blanket.  Giving me safety, warmth and a will for true happiness.  My certainties are here and they are here to stay.  I am certain of this. 

I will not lose this battle.  This I am certain of too.