Reconnecting With Luck

I love connecting to an artist’s work. Even more so though, I love reconnecting to an artist’s work.  It’s like hearing a song on the radio that you love so much every time it comes on, but the radio host never says who sings it or what the title is, so you just hope that you’ll come across it again. And when you hear it again- artist, title and all- you can’t wait to hear the rest of their album… because you know you are going to love it.

Jennifer Cronin is an artist based in Chicago, IL.  Recently I stopped into Black Cloud Gallery in Pilsen with my sister and was nearly breathtaken by her paintings (which included the one above).  Her work pulled me in and I became mesmerized by her conceptual vision that culminated in a creation of both visual and mental stimulation.  I didn’t know if I knew who the artist was, but the artwork felt familiar and I vaguely recalled the name.  I decided to find out more about her work and to my delight, a reconnection had been made.

Somehow, somewhere I had come across her work last year. I remember it… I remember the piece above specifically.  The first time I saw it, it brought up all of the irrational fears I’ve had since childhood of creepy crawlers coming up out of drains and plumbing and just being anywhere near me (except for that one week of camping in college… how I wish I could get back to that state of mind).

The irrational fears came back again when I saw the painting this time too, but then I looked at the title: “Lucky to Have Eachother” …. I suddenly came to realize the relief that this particular couple could potentially feel after this battle is won.  They could slump down on the couch and collapse into eachother’s arms with sighs of comfort, knowing that they earned their victory.

I’ve been feeling this a lot lately with my other half and it’s been a great experience- one of learning and of having eachother’s backs. It’s a good feeling. One that took us nearly 8 years to get to, but now we too get to slump down into eachother’s arms, with sighs of comfort because of our own earned victory.

Check out more of Jennifer Cronin’s work below and at her website too:

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I’ll be posting more again soon.  I’ve missed it.



sometimes you just have to breathe. other times you have to keep a big pillow on hand to scream into.

ugh. you know those mornings where you wake up expecting to see a specific time on the alarm clock and it’s 45 minutes after that expected time…  and then you get ready and finally the leave house, only to realize that you left something at home so you have to go back and get it.  and then you leave again.  and then things fall out of your bag while you are riding your bike- on two different occassions.  and then you get to work and you just want to fall back asleep.  because leaving this reality would be so much better than anything else that might be in store for you that day.

my roommate, aaron has been practicing meditation a lot lately and he did a mini instruction on breathing yesterday with me.  i think it’s perfect timing because that’s exactly what i need… especially since i don’t have a pillow on hand.

Check out this work by Clare Elsaesser…. i have a feeling she understands.

*Update!* (ahem, to be said like in Unsolved Mysteries)

Since now owning a new art gallery shop, Paperish Mess, in Chicago– we’ve had the greatest opportunity to feature Clare’s artwork here at the space. Come on by and see her items in person and don’t forget to find us on facebook for new finds and observations every day.  Thanks so much.  🙂  Hope to see you ’round again soon.


if there was a club for both luck and joy, i’d join.

I haven’t had the best of luck in life.  I haven’t had the worst either.  In fact, most days (especially lately) I feel blessed.  Literally blessed.  So, why then right now (and right yesterday), do I feel so crappy? Why is there so much junk muddled up in my head and why don’t I want to do anything to help myself get out of this pit?  I have to keep reminding myself that God will take me out of this pit and make my steps secure.  But it’s so easy to just wallow.  and want to wallow.  wallow until you don’t feel like wallowing anymore.

Sometimes there’s just no artwork for how you feel.  sometimes it’s just blank. white.  unknown.

throws arms up in the air and says “meh!”  … for right now at least. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel lucky.   Check out Craig Barker’s artwork here.  He’s got a beautiful style filled with color and imagery that makes you mentally jump into the painting- or at least relate to it in a seratonin-based way.  🙂

He’s got a blog too.

-Bee 🙂

A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

It’s spring cleaning time, and with that comes spring decorating and spring renewal-of-things-we-need (well, want)!  I love that kind of renewal- a fresh start.  It makes everything feel great again.  Cheers to spring renewal!  Here’s a little collection of some favorite things.  ;]  Click here for the rest!


Spring is here!

-Bee :]

through all of the imperfections

i’m so in love with charmaine olivia’s artwork.  it has such a feeling of lightness to it. it’s sublimely refreshing in that “everything-will-be-okay” sense.  i feel like there’s a bit of mystery involved in her work too. it makes me wonder: what’s the story with these gals?  i want to know what they’re all about.  it seems like all of these ladies are very much comfortable with themselves… comfortable in their own skin. it doesn’t matter if they have their imperfections or if life has its imperfections, they’re doing alright.  that’s so inspiring to me, knowing that through all of the imperfections, we can still live life and still be fine and still feel “light.”


Check out her website for more and her blog too!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lee Price makes me so happy.  It’s that feeling of being uplifted at the sight of something.  I get that with her artwork.  It’s gorgeous.  I’ve been so enamored with photorealistic painting and coming across Lee Price’s work just makes it all the more intriguing to me.  Her work focuses on the female figure indulging in life’s simple (yet, slightly sinful?) pleasures. 

It makes me wonder (as I sit here with a box of half eaten birthday cake pops and a nearly empty container of Ferrero Rochers in front of me), what is really going on in the lives of these women?  Are they so empty that they don’t see the need to care about what this cherry pie will do to their thighs… what consequences might come from such an act of indulgence?  Are they craving so much for comfort, they find that the only way they’ll get it is to wrap themselves in  bath water and sugary sweetness? Are they so depressed that they can’t seem to do anything except soak and eat and soak and eat, until both the bath and the dessert are a cold memory of what it once was- of what life once was and maybe could have been? Or are they just so determined in their independence- in their will for life to be whatever it is they want it to be- that they choose to indulge in life’s simple pleasures, because that’s really all they are… just simple pleasures? Just a simple act of saying “I’m content and I’m ok.”  There are so many ways this could go, but here’s to hoping that it’s the last one. 

Oh. and here’s to me watching the movie “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” as of NOW! 

Check out more of Lee Price’s work.  Cheers.

-Bee ;]

You’ve got guts. So go with ’em.

I’ve come to learn to go with my guts. My first thought.  My first inkling of what to do.  I always end up happier, more content and secure. Whether it’s as simple as what I choose to wear that day, where I want to go out to eat, what I want to spend the day doing… or any number of things. Well today, my guts are telling me to go with Ian Francis. What do I say about Ian Francis?  When I see his artwork, I become somewhat breathless, like that feeling you get when you’re so close to the edge and you’re deciding if you should actually jump or not.  

His work is rich and beautiful, it’s like each one has its own imaginary forcefield inside of it that slowly creeps out into the space around it.  To me, the disappearing scenery within Ian Francis’ work gives his pieces a calming, ephemeral feel. They draw me in and then suddenly push me back when I get that closer, more intense look at them.  It reminds me of a Snow White kind of story… Snow White is so entranced by the apple that she must have it- just to be stricken with the realization of what is actually happening once she’s eaten it. 

I find Ian Francis’ paintings to be quite the entrancing apple. ;]

Click here for more from Ian Francis’ Website.  Good stuff.

:] Bee

The Doppleganger Artist

You’ve heard of this thing called dopplegangers, right?  I remember watching this movie as a kid at my grandmother’s house, where a woman saw her doppleganger (that other person in the world that looks exactly like you) and apparently, if the doppleganger had seen her too, their worlds would have imploded.  What a crazy thought.  Years later, I found this movie and purchased it on VHS.  It turns out that the movie was actually kind of strange, twisted and filled with bad acting.  Bummer.  Anyways, there’s also those name dopplegangers out there.  You know, that person who has the same first and last name as you?  Always a strange occurance to come across.

I knew a Pat Perry once and when I came across an artist with that name, it had me thinking, “Whoah! Pat Perry!  Can it be?”   It wasn’t (different spelling!), but that’s ok because the artwork belonging to this new Pat Perry had struck a chord within me.  This new Pat Perry’s artwork was fluid, graphic and colorful in a strangely muted way.  This new Pat Perry’s artwork had a feeling of alarm, of searching, of the fact that there is something out there that is better than what is being experienced now (all we have to do is find it).  Below is a sample of this new Pat Perry’s artwork.

and here is the new Pat Perry’s website.

bee :]