Adventures in Surreality

I’ve been getting the itch to travel recently.  This feeling comes and goes every few years.  It happened when I was in college- senior year- the Internship Abroad program in Ireland I applied to got canceled all together, so I graduated instead.  I was supposed to travel around the US for a good 9 months in 2010, but then I got to Chicago and fell in love with the city.  I didn’t lead a bike tour around the east coast for 2 weeks because of random issues, and the ideas of WWOOFing/volunteering abroad or anything of that sort always seem to fade as the possibilities of saving money dwindle away.

There’s ways to make it happen- I know this.  There’s ways to travel and get away, ways to take a breather and just experience something…. different, for a little bit.  Iceland has always been at the top of my list…  now Brazil and Portugal are catching up fast too. Belgium has always intrigued me.  And definitely Holland.

So, I’ve got this list.  I guess now I’ve just got to start crossing things off.

I came across Erik Johansson’s work a little while ago, but at the time had no idea who the artist was or where to find more of it.  By happenstance, I clicked on his website and was so excited to find his artwork again.

I think most of us realize the difference between animation and reality pretty early on in life.  This artist seamlessly melds the two together. His work reminds me of a [sur]realistic portrayal of children’s book stories and what those stories translated to in our heads growing up.  It leaves you contemplating if this (giant fishhead island) could actually exist somewhere.  Imagine the possibilities…. the beauty that it would bring to the world we live in.  As complex and unusual as this sight would be, I have a feeling that it would actually make the world (or maybe just life in general) much more simplistic.  and of course sureally enjoyable.

But really though, who’s to say that this giant fishhead island doesn’t exist somewhere?  …maybe it’s just yet to be found. ;]

I guess exploring calls.  Check out more of Erik Johansson’s work below:

Don’t forget to check out the artist’s blog too! Thanks for visiting!!  🙂



A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

It’s spring cleaning time, and with that comes spring decorating and spring renewal-of-things-we-need (well, want)!  I love that kind of renewal- a fresh start.  It makes everything feel great again.  Cheers to spring renewal!  Here’s a little collection of some favorite things.  ;]  Click here for the rest!


Spring is here!

-Bee :]

I Want To Go To There

Kirsty Mitchell’s photography is what got me started on my renewed-love-for-photography kick.  When I first came across her work, my heart melted at the beauty of it.  The scenes she creates turn an ordinary day into a magical fairytale.  Each photograph makes me want to be in that fantastical reality.  I can just imagine walking around in a world like that… oh how wonderful it would be.  I love artwork like this, artwork that just takes you away.  Artwork that sweeps you off into a new… strangely familiar, but incredibly different place.  These photographs are from her “Wonderland” series. Gorgeous.

Take a look at her website for more photos from “Wonderland” and her other series.

Spring Spring Spring is coming!!

Bee ;]

the indescribable permeance of the imagination

i used to be a photographer, amateur, but still a photographer nonetheless.  for years, i held this grudge against the photography i would see out at street fairs or hanging up on the walls of independent galleries.  i used to think, “that’s not really that unique.  i mean, i could do that.” but lately, something has changed.  lately, i’ve come across some friggen fantastic photography that leaves me in awe.  i’m now amazed at what can be achieved by the naked eye, a camera and maybe sometimes a little digital-age manipulation.

here is one such photographer, Lissy Elle, that’s left me reaching far into my imagination- digging deeper and deeper into what i believe used to be there years ago.  and still might be there if i just dig deep enough.  either way, i feel blessed to have come across her work.

click here for her website!!

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