Sudden Hope

Rusche Handmade at DNA Galleries in OKC

Rusche Handmade “Art-Themed” Necklaces at DNA Galleries in OKC

I feel so lucky to be featured in such an array of great stores and so it was completely disheartening to hear about the disasters in Oklahoma recently where DNA Galleries is housed. I sent along this new batch of necklaces (see below!) for DNA Galleries where proceeds would go directly to the victims in need. Different text and altered book pages feature words like “healing”… “together”… and Oklahoma-themed neighborhoods. Pictured below are the Disaster Relief pieces in their shop, ready to be of help and excited to go to new homes! Give DNA Galleries a ring to place an order for one and help support the healing and renewal to come in OK.

Rusche Handmade Necklaces Created for Disaster Relief in Oklahoma

Rusche Handmade Necklaces Created for Disaster Relief in Oklahoma


We’ve got ourselves our very own gallery & art shop. Come on by.

We have some exciting news too– WE’VE OPENED UP A PERMANENT ART GALLERY SHOP in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village called Paperish Mess! Please stay updated with us at and be in the know for future art exhibits, handmade goods, film screenings, craft groups and more! We’re so psyched to bringing this to our neighborhood and we hope that you’ll want to be a part of it with us too.

If you are an artist (or have an artist friend!) then please do get in touch–  feel free to shoot us an email at with a brief artist bio/description of your artwork or handmade items, a link to your website (if you have one) and/or a selection of JPEG images.

Thank you so much!!  We’ll be in touch soon!


Bee (kind of paperish) and Sean (kind of messy!)

if there was a club for both luck and joy, i’d join.

I haven’t had the best of luck in life.  I haven’t had the worst either.  In fact, most days (especially lately) I feel blessed.  Literally blessed.  So, why then right now (and right yesterday), do I feel so crappy? Why is there so much junk muddled up in my head and why don’t I want to do anything to help myself get out of this pit?  I have to keep reminding myself that God will take me out of this pit and make my steps secure.  But it’s so easy to just wallow.  and want to wallow.  wallow until you don’t feel like wallowing anymore.

Sometimes there’s just no artwork for how you feel.  sometimes it’s just blank. white.  unknown.

throws arms up in the air and says “meh!”  … for right now at least. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel lucky.   Check out Craig Barker’s artwork here.  He’s got a beautiful style filled with color and imagery that makes you mentally jump into the painting- or at least relate to it in a seratonin-based way.  🙂

He’s got a blog too.

-Bee 🙂

I Want To Go To There

Kirsty Mitchell’s photography is what got me started on my renewed-love-for-photography kick.  When I first came across her work, my heart melted at the beauty of it.  The scenes she creates turn an ordinary day into a magical fairytale.  Each photograph makes me want to be in that fantastical reality.  I can just imagine walking around in a world like that… oh how wonderful it would be.  I love artwork like this, artwork that just takes you away.  Artwork that sweeps you off into a new… strangely familiar, but incredibly different place.  These photographs are from her “Wonderland” series. Gorgeous.

Take a look at her website for more photos from “Wonderland” and her other series.

Spring Spring Spring is coming!!

Bee ;]