A Storybook of Dreams

I have this reccurring nightmare that I’m back in school. Usually high school (sometimes middle school) and I can’t figure out how to get to my classes… I can never remember what room they are in, so I just end up not going.  Then at the end of the year I get my grades and I realize that I’ve been failing all of these courses that I haven’t attended.   For good reason of course… in my dream I’ve missed every test, paper, homework assignment and participation grade I could possibly get.

In last night’s dream I found myself staring at my report card, blacking out with a sharpie all of the courses that I could possibly pawn off as “…I didn’t realize that I was registered for that course and therefore that’s why I never went.” It was stressful.

I finally woke up, like I do after every one of these dreams, re-realizing and reassuring myself that I indeed already passed middle school, already passed high school and did indeed graduate college. I tell myself, “I don’t have to worry about math class anymore- I don’t need to do homework. I’m fine. It’s ok.”

There’s a Chicago artist that features his artwork at Paperish Mess and his work just blows me away.  His pieces are all original silkscreens.  The artist, Shawn Stucky, is red/green colorblind and so he has learned to rely more on value than on color.  He mixes certain colors to experiment with them and find the right one for what his mind is imagining- his color palettes are gorgeous.  He finds inspiration in music and in dreams.  Unlike my dreams (which can be dark and stress inducing sometimes), his are inspiring and filled with beauty.  He uses his own lucid dreams and what he calls “silent film animations” to create a brand new world where the boundaries are limitless.  The artist has described this process of inspiration as “quietly lurking in that mysterious space between waking-life and dreams, hiding in plain sight. As I fall asleep, I sometimes have what I call ‘silent film animations’. These silent films play in a stop-motion fashion behind my eyelids. I see them vividly. The imagery ranges from children playing on swing sets to odd looking elderly men spinning chairs above their heads. Once I became aware of these films I began to consciously collect the imagery in my mind to later reproduce in my art.”

My boyfriend, Sean (note the different spelling) and I have started a little collection of his works in our apartment. When Sean looks at artwork he relates it to music.  There’s an artist that reminds him of the band Caribou, for example.  When Sean looks at these silkscreens, he hears the music of Sigur Ros.  Which I love because not only does Sigur Ros hold a special place in my heart, but the artist actually bases some of his artwork off of their music as well.  Through talking with the artist, I learned that Sigur Ros actually has 10 of his prints in their studio.  For me, it can’t get better than this… beautiful original silkscreens, lucid dreams and the music of Sigur Ros.

Perfect- simply perfect.  Check out some more of Shawn Stucky’s artwork below.

You can check out more of Shawn Stucky’s work at his website  and at Paperish Mess in Chicago too. Thank you so much for visiting!

-Bee :]